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Helping Those Who Help


The Candriam Helping Those Who Help (HTWH) programme is a charitable initiative that supports social-impact projects worldwide. Since 2001, we have donated over EUR 2.1 million to 113 associations, supporting 213 charity projects.

Candriam employees are encouraged to submit projects for consideration. The HTWH Committee, led by Amandine Lesieur, meticulously evaluates each submission to ensure alignment with our values and real-world impact. Candriam staff members nominate programmes with which they have personal experience. Selected projects are overseen by our colleagues on the ground to ensure accountability and effective implementation, regardless of location.

This year, after careful consideration, 18 organisations have been selected to receive support. These organisations will share EUR 175,000 to fund social inclusion projects in 11 countries, including Morocco, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Congo, Malawi, and the USA.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, selected organizations are required to provide annual updates on their progress. This ensures that our support continues to have a significant impact on the lives of those we aim to serve. The updates will be showcased on our website, enabling stakeholders to track the impact of their contributions firsthand.

"This year, in addition to providing financial support, we are extending our reach through a platform that allows Candriam employees to contribute their time – up to two days - and their skills, further increasing the impact of our collective efforts,” says Amandine Lesieur.

Although we have made a significant impact on numerous lives by combating poverty and advocating for mental health, it is crucial to continue supporting charities.

The following organisations have been selected this year:

  • Bildungsstätte Anne Frank e.V.
    Promoting dialogue and human rights education, inspired by the legacy of Anne Frank, to foster respect and understanding in today's society.
  • Ayuda En Red
    Providing vital support to institutions that help vulnerable communities, working with national organisations such as the Red Cross and local initiatives to empower those who help the most marginalised in society.
  • Fundación Amigos de Monkole
    Ensuring health equity in African communities, providing essential health services and empowering individuals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, guided by the belief in universal access to quality health care.
  • Die Arche
    Improving conditions for disadvantaged children and families through a holistic approach, providing recreational activities, meals, educational support, relationship building, holiday camps and parental counselling.
  • Come Noi
    Empowering people with disabilities to live independently and promoting social inclusion and community change.
  • Goods to Give
    Collecting new non-food items from businesses and distributing them to the most vulnerable through a network of social organisations fighting poverty in Belgium, helping tens of thousands of people in need every day.
  • Sterkmakers in Autisme
    Raising awareness and promoting the inclusion of people with autism in all areas of society.
  • Autour des Williams
    Funding research, supporting families and raising awareness of Williams syndrome, or Williams–Beuren syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects many parts of the body
  • Bottom Line New York
    Enabling students of colour from under-resourced communities to access college and providing individual support to ensure their success.
  • Just a Change
    Rebuilding homes for people in need in Portugal, improving living conditions to reduce poverty and crime, improve public health and give hope for a better future.
  • Neno Macadamia Trust
    Improving food security in Malawi through macadamia agroforestry, enabling smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change and build resilience.
  • Making The Leap
    Providing disadvantaged young people in the UK with training for successful careers, while raising awareness of social mobility among businesses and organisations.
  • Le Monde d'Ayden
    Belgium's first sensory and inclusive playground, where all children are welcome and those with special needs find a tailored space for play and fun, breaking down barriers while exploring new experiences.
  • Fonds Ngangi
    Empowering Goma's youth through scholarships and entrepreneurship education to create impactful jobs for regional development.
  • AC Bobigny 93
    Using rugby to integrate disadvantaged young people socially and professionally, promote active lifestyles and provide a range of support programmes including tournaments, school activities, homework help, work experience and corporate partnerships.
  • Ovale & Sens
    Empowering young adults with intellectual disabilities through rugby, promoting personal growth and values such as teamwork and self-esteem.
  • AAA - Action Autonomie Avenir
    Managing development projects in Nepal and the High Atlas region of Morocco, including school infrastructure, fruit tree planting, beekeeping training, health facilities, water reservoirs and programmes to support education, children and women in need.
  • BrasDessusBrasDessous
    Connecting elderly individuals with younger neighbors to combat loneliness and foster intergenerational bonds for harmonious aging at home.


Spotlight on: Ovale et Sens

A symbol of inclusion and empowerment for people with mental disabilities

Located a few kilometres west of Paris, MLSGP Ovale et Sens is not just a rugby club. It also offers children and young adults with mental disabilities the chance to experience the transformative power of rugby. Through structured training sessions and participation in regional and national championships, the Ovale et Sens team members have developed their rugby skills and experienced personal growth, fostering values such as teamwork, perseverance, and self-esteem for 12 years.

The organisation's mission goes beyond sports, providing individuals with mental, intellectual, or psychological disabilities the chance to flourish both on and off the field. This is achieved through cultural outings, social interaction, and personal development opportunities.

Sandrine Coujan, Senior Portfolio Manager at Candriam and MLSGP volunteer, highlights the importance of the Ovale et Sens outings for the people who play in this club. According to Sandrine, these experiences are particularly transformative for the players, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds or families with limited financial resources. "Without Ovale et Sens, they wouldn't have the opportunity to interact with the outside world," she says.

She stresses the great strides the players have taken over the years. "We can see how important it is for them. We can see the progress that has been made over the years and we can see that some of them speak much better than when they first arrived," she says.

There is one time of the year that is particularly anticipated and important. Every year, all eyes within the department, from players to coaches to staff, are focused on the spring period, as the main project for the team is to take part in the French Para Rugby Championship, a 3-day tournament between several teams organised each year in a different city in France for disabled people.

By providing financial support to the team, Candriam has made it possible for young adults with mental, intellectual or psychological disabilities to take part in the 2024 edition of the championship, which will be held in Lisieux (Normandy) from 24 to 27 May.

Sandrine underlines the importance of this support: "Without the financial support of the Candriam Institute, the club wouldn't have had the means to take part in this year's championship. Last year it cost around 12,000 euros.”

Why is this? Although the club tries to keep costs to a minimum by travelling by bus and staying in youth hostels or cheap hotels, they still need to take between 30 and 40 people. As well as players and coaches, the trip also requires nurses and a doctor to provide the necessary care and medical support.

"But this is an extremely important trip that goes far beyond sport," says Sandrine. In addition to the sporting aspect, the social and cultural dimension is important, and the French championship is also an opportunity to organise a cultural outing. It's about giving these people the opportunity to explore new horizons, interact with others, develop essential life skills and overcome barriers.

Candriam's support is not only a commitment to social responsibility, but also a testament to the transformative power of collaborative partnerships to drive positive change and take a significant step towards promoting inclusivity, empowerment and social impact.

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