Social Inclusion
& Solidarity.

Social cohesion is important to us. We direct action at the local level to most closely address the needs of communities. Furthering the social inclusion of young people, children, teenagers and students, we prioritise two main areas: responding to cases of emergency, distress and extreme poverty.

Working towards social inclusion and supporting communities is a central part of our history. For 20 years, we have led a rigorous grass-roots programme of support for organisations fighting to reduce poverty and create an inclusive society. 
Helena Colle Global Head of Corporate Development, Candriam

Young generations ‒ investing for the future

We back initiatives that help young people to grow in each stage of their development, to ease the obstacles that could jeopardise their future. The Institute supports long-term projects, encouraging the intellectual blossoming of children, the development of teenager talents, and educational grants for disadvantaged students.


Donations to Demos: an initiative giving children from underprivileged backgrounds access to the practice of classical music, broadening horizons and contributing to social cohesion.

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Article 1

Mentoring for teenagers at the Article 1 organisation to promote equal opportunities

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Maastricht University

Creation of Candriam Scholarship Programme at Maastricht University to support first-generation students and help to build an inclusive and sustainable future

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Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques

Scholarship for Ukrainian students at SciencePo as well as Ukrainian refugees impacted by the war.

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*Not included in 2022 figures, started January 2023

Donation to “Cantania”, a participatory vocal project for children from 4th to 6th grade in Brussels, and “Interactive School days”, cultural introductions to arts and music for primary and secondary school students

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Mentoring program to support talented young people from socio-economically underprivileged families and enable them to fully exploit their potential.

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Supplementing the projects backed by The Institute, …

The Candriam Helping Those Who Help (HTWH) program supports charitable social-impact projects led or presented by our employees. The HTWH initiative is part of our identity, aiding charity organisations that fight against child poverty and social exclusion, relieve the solitude of seniors living alone, combat school drop-out, fight against abuse and negligence, and support people with mental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and autism.


Helping Those
Who Help

Supported associations - 2022

Alphabetical Order of Lebanon

France Visit the website


Brussels (Belgium) Visit the website


Brussels (Belgium) Visit the website

Eau pour tous

Luxembourg Visit the website

La Gamelle de Jaurès

Paris (France)

Providing food aid to migrants and emergency housing to minors and women

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Making the Leap

United Kingdom Visit the website

Die Arche Frankfurt


Christian charity for children and young people

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Sterkmakers in Autisme


raise awareness around autism by informing and inspiring everyone who strives for the full inclusion of people with autism.

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CIAI Association


aims at building a world where no child feels alone and can grow peacefully.

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Fondazione Massimo Leone Onlus


provide a concrete response to the problem of homelessness. Its aim is to help people who live in a state of social marginality because of a series of stressful events that have also resulted in the loss of their homes

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Associazione Ascolta e Vivi Onlus


carries out free activities of: charity and distance support supply of hearing devices, audiological instruments and products for hearing aid fitting provision of money, goods, services in support of disadvantaged people or activities of general interest education of local technicians, instruction and vocational training cultural activities of social interest in the hearing conservation field with educational purposes

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Unapei 92


allows each individual to take on their chosen life path by supporting the development of their capacities and helping them towards self-determination

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Local initiatives for global solidarity

We act in times of emergency, distress and extreme poverty in the countries where support is needed. We favour solidarity-minded initiatives such as UNICEF Luxembourg's work for children, which we supported in its effort to assist Ukrainian refugees and Pakistan floods victims in 2022

Projects & charities previously supported


Key figures

  • 434k€ Young Generations
  • 175k€ HTWH
  • 86k€ Solidarity